Crescent Shaped Meditation Cushion

$ 135.00

Your cushion is designed with comfort in mind .

Crescent Shaped design allows for comfort on your hips and knees.

Details such as woven tassels with intention , leather tabs for easy handling , Ayurvedic-infused buckwheat filling and dharma protection thread are just some of the details you will find in our hand-dyed meditation cushions . 

The red thread symbolizes interconnectedness and protection for your practice . From the people in this video that took great care weaving in the thread to the journey of who helped bring your cushions a great distance to your home and to the future of those that can benefit from your meditation practice .

Crescent Cushions hold 9 pounds of Ayurvedic infused Buckwheat filling.

Each five clouds cushion is infused and loaded with these medicinal herbs:
-Black pepper
-Black cardamom 

Handcrafted and hand-dyed in India
Hand filled with Mantra in Medfield, MA 

Weight 9 pounds

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