Himalayan Salt Lamp Color

$ 25.00

Himalayan salt lamps can become “natural ionizers,” by giving off an extra ionic charge to the circulating air around you.

Ions are compounds that are produced naturally in the air when alterations occur in the atmosphere. For example, waterfalls, waves, storms, natural radioactivity and heat all produce air ions .

Five clouds portable salt lamps work with your mood by changing colors. The they are portable, easy to use, and only $25

Himalayan Secrets LED Color Changing Salt Lamp acts as a mood lamp. The consistent change of colors creates a mellow relaxation while winding down after a long day. We use High-Quality Salt Rocks to produce our Lamp Shades, this is important because it allows the lamp to be translucent and display the beautiful colors correctly. Can be plugged into a computer USB port or outlet.

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