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Elemense Incense Sticks

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5 elements of nature represent the wisdom of life. These 5 elements exist in every place, person, and object in the universe. Physical, spiritual and mental well - being depend upon all 5 elements being in balance.

Elemense sticks are blended with five fragrances inspired by the five elements .
Artisanal blended scents of agarwood, cedarwood , oak moss , amber and sandalwood, patchouli, Lavender, 

Each incense is a blend of natural aromatic materials, packed in a wooden tray with 40 sticks and a specially designed metal burner. 

How to Use:

Take a moment to light the incense. Let the fragrance quietly infuse the air. Watch the ash fall and surrender to the passing of time. Take delight in the moment as the fragrance slowly envelops you. It will leave an imprint in your memory.

Dial in all five senses to the invisible fragrance. Allow your senses to be drawn into the transcendent world of incense and witness how the fragrance takes on a visible form.

Each stick burns for 30-45 minutes

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