Bell & Dorge Set

$ 75.00

Within the Vajrayana practice, there is much symbolism and meaning.  Often times two images or symbols united together create more significance and spiritual meaning.

The Dorje, which is traditionally held in the right hand represents skillful means and unlimited compassion, whereas the Bell,traditionally held in the left hand represents emptiness linked to dissolution of all phenomena.  By ringing the bell, one can sound an invitation into the dharma protectors to drive away obstacles.  When held together, Bell & Dorje represent the inseparability of wisdom and compassion within the mind stream. They hold fast the unity of oneness within our own minds and bodies.

These two auspicious and greatly detailed symbols represent enlightened and inspiring activity.  They are made from brass with intricate details etched into the surfaces.  

*Made in Nepal.
*Sold together as a set.  
*Perfect for altar setting.


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