Five Clouds Five Color Wooden Mala Beads

$ 65.00

The Tibetan Mala is considered to be a tool for meditation practice. Each of our Five clouds Malas come with 108 Beads usually made from sandalwood or semi precious stones.

Malas are used for recitation of mantra and to cultivate a practice of awareness and concentration. The number 108 Is a product of the 9 planets.

21, 600 breaths that a human being will take in the course 24 hours in a day.  Or 10,800 in the course of a 12 hour day! Common practices are to recite anywhere from one round of malas a day to upwards of 100 rounds.

Materials: 100 % Wooden Beads

Made in: Handmade for Five Clouds by Alicia Molloy

About:  24" length; 108 beads



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